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Theia: The Tower is a fantasy role-playing game using Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, set in a high-tech, high-fantasy world, reminiscent of modern-day Earth. The sapient races of the world of Theia have defeated the gods who once enslaved them, and struck out on their own path, shaping the world in their image. Modern technology has brought power previously the exclusive province of sorcerers and magi to the masses. Automobiles, aeronautics, and the computerized Egregore Network have brought the world closer together than ever. Titans and Dragons, the peoples’ allies in the war against the gods, still walk the earth, sometimes in their true, gigantic form, sometimes in mortal disguise.

This world is not, however, a place of peace. In the dark places, away from the shining beacon of the modern metropolis, subterranean abberations stalk the wilderness, and menace frontier towns. Even within the greatest cities, crime, violence and inequality color daily life, with those on the edge of society pushed further towards the brink each day, and somewhere out there, unbeknownst to most, the old gods still live, weakened, but planning their imminent return.

In this time of societal upheaval, many new philosophies, ways of life, and cults (though they prefer to be called “New Religious Groups”) have appeared, leading many to reconsider how they live their lives. Among these are:

  • Aehierde, descendants of the old nomadic peoples who have gone back to their ancestral homelands to live a simpler life.
  • Arnbreca, an organized anti-capitalist group who attempt to undermine the systems underpinning what they see as a broken and unfair culture of capital gain.
  • The Order of Ascia, A new religious group who hopes to re-establish rapport with the Primordials, the gods predating the slave-driver gods of the old era, in the hopes that they will grant the world peace.
  • Thyrs, a new humanist religion and charity organization, single-handedly led by the charismatic Adam Osmann, wielder of astounding powers, which he claims he developed himself, without the help of any supernatural being. He has gained great popularity amongst the poor and marginalized, for whom he provides classes, food, and housing gratis.

These groups, and many like them, are challenging the status quo in the world of Theia. The tides of civilization are once again beginning to turn…

Three ordinary people (well, actually, one ordinary person, a crazed transient, and a dragonborn musician), thus far relative nobodies in life, are preparing for a cross-country bus trip. Little do they know that fate has remarkable things in store for them…

Home Page

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